#1 Moving Truck Hire and Logistics Transport Company in Nieu-Bethesda

Red Trucks is a leading truck rental and bakkie hire company in Nieu-Bethesda, South Africa. If your enquiry is not for a full day but just for a few hours, Red Trucks can be your transport solution and provide you with an hourly quotation. For the best bakkie hire or truck rental in Nieu-Bethesda at affordable prices, contact Red Trucks for your free quotation. The daily/hourly rate for the rental also includes a driver for the rental time.

Need to move household furniture?

Are you moving your house in Nieu-Bethesda? Do you need a cheap moving option? Is a furniture removal company just completely above your budget? Why don’t you rent a truck or hire a bakkie with Red Trucks? We offer truck and bakkie rentals at affordable prices that will fit in your budget. We offer rental services for the following vehicles: 1.3 ton bakkies, 4 ton trucks, 8 ton trucks, 10 ton trucks, 15 ton trucks, 20 ton trucks and 34 ton trucks. Our rates start from R490 per load for a 1 ton bakkie and from R440 per load for a 4 ton truck.

We offer our truck hire services in the whole of South Africa, not just Gauteng. Book your truck or bakkie at Red Trucks now!

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