Long Distance Transport Companies in South Africa


Gauteng to Cape Town from R 13 900

Cape Town to Gauteng from R 12 900

Gauteng to Durban from R 8 900

Durban to Gauteng from R 7 900

Gauteng to Port Elizabeth from R 11 900

Port Elizabeth to Gauteng from R 10 900

Gauteng to Bloemfontein from R 6 900

Bloemfontein to Gauteng from R 5900

The logistics and transport industry in South Africa is one of the most competitive industries where multinational firms position themselves better so that they can facilitate the flow of goods.

All successful business leaders in South Africa know how crucial effective organised logistics is, and they also understand that the key to keeping up with customer demands and outperforming competitors is efficient logistics.

Despite the size of any business, the focus is on growth and expansion, whether on a regional, international, or global level. Despite the business’ location or industry, effective and reliable logistics can help cut costs and the time spent on moving products from one point to another.

Supply chains are complex and extremely sensitive as they depend on customer demands that consistently and suddenly change. A supply chain cannot guarantee high value without properly organised transport and logistics.

Of all the ways through which items can be transported, whether air, freight rail, sea freight, and others, trucking and over-the-road transportation of goods are some of the busiest sectors in South Africa, despite whether goods are transported by short, medium, or long-distance transport companies.

For this reason, it is crucial that businesses choose the right logistics and transport partner to ensure that they can meet customer demands, that growth is fuelled, and that there is always an opportunity to expand business operations, reaching more provinces, cities, towns, and customers across South Africa.

There are hundreds of well-established transport companies within the borders of South Africa, but there are only a few that have the reputation that Red Transport has built up over the past few years.

Red Transport (Pty) Ltd was established in 2017 by Francois Briers and in the past 4 years of service, Red Transport has worked ceaselessly to become the #1 logistics and transport company in South Africa that is at the top of many businesses dialing lists when they need goods moved.

Red Transport is renowned for providing reliable, affordable truck rental in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town despite the type of goods being transported or the size, shape, or quantities thereof.

Furniture Removals

Whether for business or residential, Red Transport is the best furniture removal company in Gauteng and the Western Cape, whether removals are over short or long distance. Red Transportation offers the best possible prices along with comprehensive services that include:

  • A qualified truck driver
  • The loading of furniture at the point of collection
  • Transportation of furniture and/or other items
  • The offloading of furniture at the delivery address

Customers who use Red Transport for furniture removals must ensure that they note the following:

  • Furniture must be packaged by the customer as Red Transport does not provide packaging materials or packaging services

Business Deliveries

Red Transport offers businesses with the option of using the rental option, allowing them access to a Red Transport truck and qualified driver to conduct deliveries to customers. Red Transport is well-known for being an affordable and reliable option.

Moving and or Relocation

If you are relocating or moving to a new house or office, Red Transport has the perfect solution for you. If you are relocating/moving and you need a long-distance logistics and transport company who will safely transport your household contents, you need not look further than Red Transport.

Red Transport offers the following long-distance packages:

  • Gauteng to Cape Town from R13 900
  • Cape Town to Gauteng from R12 900
  • Gauteng to Durban from R8 900
  • Durban to Gauteng from R7 900
  • Gauteng to Port Elizabeth from R11 900
  • Port Elizabeth to Gauteng from R10 900
  • Gauteng to Bloemfontein from R6 900
  • Bloemfontein to Gauteng from R5 900

From small to larger loads, Red Transportation offers comprehensive, competitive, and affordable pricing to suit every need and budget of both individuals and businesses.

Transporting of Equipment and/or Stock

Often, many businesses need a reliable logistics and transport company to remove and move equipment and/or stock from one branch to another. Whether the branch is in the same province or in another, Red Transport offers the perfect solution.

When you use Red Transport, you can expect flexible and comprehensive pricing. Red Transport offers small loads using its 4-Ton truck from R490, with customers receiving 5 free kilometres and 1 free hour, with the benefit of a R150 rate per hour.

Medium loads are done by using a Red Transport 4-Ton truck and an additional trailer which is 4m x 1.9m x 0.9m from a rate of R250 per hour. When using the Medium load option, customers receive 10 kilometres free in addition to having 2 free hours.

Businesses who require the largest load option to transport equipment and/or stock can use the 6-Ton truck which measures at 5m x 2.2m x 2.2m. When using this option, customers receive 15 free kilometres along with 2 free hours.

While the logistics and transport industry in South Africa is an extremely competitive field, there are many companies who shine brighter than the rest. Red Transport is one of the most acclaimed and popular companies being used in various sectors to transport goods to all provinces in the country.

Not only does Red Transport offer qualified drivers who are compliant with all traffic laws, but also the option of using additional helpers to save time on loading and/or offloading of goods, furniture, stocks, equipment, etc.

Red Transport uses modern technologies as well as methods to ensure that deliveries are faster and more flexible. The mobile app offered makes any logistic manager’s job easier and Red Transport provides a 1-ton vehicle for small deliveries up to 34-ton trucks for larger deliveries.

Red Transport offers nationwide logistics and transport solutions, and all drivers have smart phones which have the latest applications, making the logistical process simpler and easier.

All trucks that Red Transport uses have satellite tracking technologies and customers are offered with Goods In-Transit (GIT) insurance from between R50 000 up to R100 000, providing customers with peace of mind that they are covered while their goods are in transit.

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